The Château de Lacroux vineyard, 38 ha, lies in the southwest of France, between the town of Gaillac (which gives its name to the wine growing area) , Albi, the birthplace of Henri Toulouse Lautrec, and the small historic town of Cordes.


For 10 generations, the Derrieux family has been working the vineyard with passion and know how. Year after year, our goal is to express the best of the terroir.


The Derrieux brothers produce typical regional wines, using most up-to-date methods.

The basis of the red wine of Château de Lacroux are the two native Gaillac grape varieties DURAS and BRAUCOL(=FER SERVANDOU). These grapes provide rich strong wines. The fragrant taste from the Duras grapes, and the aromatic overtones of cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant from the Braucol grapes.

The red wines are enriched by the addition of SYRAH variety from the Rhone Valley and MERLOT from the Bordeaux region.

The white wines are produced from the MAUZAC, LOIN DE L’OEIL and SAUVIGNON varieties. The blending of these grapes gives a harmonious, fruity, dry white wine.
Another speciality is the « Gaillac Doux », a sweet wine produced from the Mauzac grape with a high natural sugar content.

The dry rosé wines, based on the DURAS and SYRAH grapes with it’s fresh fruity taste, is perfect for summer drinking.

A sparkling wine is also produced from the LOIN DE L’OEIL variety, using the “Méthode Champenoise”. This “brut” matures in the subterranean cellars of the Abbey Saint Michel in Gaillac, which has been made available to selected wine producers of the region.

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